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Study shows that whites cause more pollution resulting in national crisis

Black and Hispanic United States citizens are exposed to more air pollution that is caused by the consumer habits of their white counterparts, a study demonstrates. The findings of the study are referred to as “pollution inequity” and reflects 131,000 premature deaths each year, making it the biggest environmental health risk factor in the country.… Read More »

Pitt targets national, global infectious disease threats with tech initiatives

The University of Pittsburgh is leveraging information technology in two separate efforts aimed at tackling the growing threat to public health from infectious disease. UPMC has launched a new company—called Infectious Disease Connect—designed to help U.S. hospitals address a nationwide shortage of physicians specializing in ID by providing them with telemedicine services. Currently, ID Connect… Read More »

Why do celebrities call the shots for vaccines? How stars have affected national trends 

Do you take celebrity advice when it comes to vaccines? From Elvis to Salma Hayek to Jenny McCarthy – many stars have taken a stand – and doctors say it affects national trends Singer Elvis Presley posed twice for photographs promoting vaccinations But several celebrities today have come out stating their opposition to vaccines  Jenny McCarthy has… Read More »