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Superbug C. difficile is evolving to ‘spread in hospitals and thrive on the Western diet’ 

Superbug C. difficile is evolving to ‘spread in hospitals and feeds on the sugar-rich Western diet’ Clostridium difficile (C.diff) is gradually ‘splitting’ into two species The ‘new’ bacteria spreads easily and is ‘immune’ to disinfectants  Bug was found to be more likely to infect mice that eat a sugary, ‘Western’ diet  By Alexandra Thompson Senior… Read More »

Is there room for wine in your diet?

It’s hard enough staying in shape with our busy lifestyles these days but are we making it harder with our lifestyle choices? After a busy day, many of us feel compelled to enjoy a glass of two of wine to help us relax or unwind. Whether or not you will gain weight from alcohol depends… Read More »